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How adaptable are you?

Life is all about being adaptable. Your body is constantly being bombarded by internal and external stresses. If you are unable to properly deal with that stress injury and illness result. Stress comes in lots of forms such as a physical stress such as poor posture or a car accident, chemical stress from poor diet, mental stress from work/family life. The better able you and your body are able to adapt to that stress; the better your survivability. Your body has two basic responses to that stress. It will either adapt to the stress and become stronger or bend to it and break down.

So what determines what the body does with the stress? That depends on a number of factors such as how strong the stress is, how long the stress is present, if you have experienced a similar stress before, if there is lots of stressors bombarding you at once and how well your nervous system is functioning.

Sometimes you might not even realize that you are faced with stress until you feel its effects on your body. The body responds to stress by increasing blood pressure, increasing heart rate, disrupts hormone balance, decreases cellular immunity, and many other physiological changes. If that stress is allowed to persist in your life it can lead to anxiety, depression, accelerated aging, ADD/ ADHD, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and difficulty sleeping.

Perhaps the worst stress that the body is subjected to allow your spine to be in a subluxated state. A subluxation is a biomechanical stress that alters how the nervous system reacts to all other stressors. It disrupts communication lines between the brain and the body leading to inappropriate responses to stress. The brain doesn’t know how to react to the stress because the body can’t properly communicate how much of a threat it is to the brain. The body just sends in the big guns then. Imagine America using a nuke to kill a fly instead of a flyswatter. So the Chiropractor not only relieves you of a biomechanical stress with an adjustment, they also clear up the communication lines so the body can communicate the degree of the stressor so the brain in turn can appropriately adapt its response to the stress. Don’t use nukes to swat a fly, get adjusted. -Dr. Charles Ward

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