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Nora, Hope & Ella

I took our 3 month old daughter, Ella, to see Dr Shauna as I was noticing she wouldn't fully turn her head in one direction and wasn't tolerating tummy time. After her first adjustment she was showing improved range of motion of her neck, improved tolerance of tummy time and a bonus of tolerating sitting in her carseat without crying! She slept (she usually cries and I have to carry her) the entire shopping trip to Target after her adjustment! Dr Shauna has also adjusted our 2 and 4 year old children as well! She is professional, knowledgeable and great with infants and children. We definitely will be going back to see her! Thanks Dr Shauna!  -Carissa




Brought my 10 week old newborn into see Dr Shauna for an adjustment (along with myself!). Not only was Dr Shauna amazing with her, she was extremely gentle and knowledgeable. When we got home baby was content and calm and slept for 11 hours that night! I have been to Dr Dave and Dr Shauna and highly recommend them both! -Jenna


It’s been great to have chiropractic care this pregnancy 🤰My only regret is I wish I would have started the weekly visits sooner! It's also neat to be due in the same month as Dr. Shauna 👏🏼


Jena Skorczewski

We have been going to Brandon Chiropractic since we moved to Brandon about 15 years ago!! Our boys were 1 and 3 when they started seeing Dr Ward and now they're both in high school! All of the doctors and staff are wonderful!! Our family is so grateful for them and their expertise. There's literally nothing they can't fix!!

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