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A person has a thought.THAT thought has potential. THAT thought is intense, ground breaking, earth shaking. THAT thought is so big, so revolutionary, so different. THAT thought will change you, change me, change everything, change the world if we allow it to work within us. It sounds so good, so amazing, so freeing and wonderful. OUR innermost being LONGS to know what THAT thought is! There is a problem: the person with THAT thought is in a coma. A prisoner trapped in their own mind. That person can’t put into words, can’t draw or paint, release or express that thought. Not even a portion of it. It lies dormant, waiting to be unleashed upon the world. If that person dies, THE thought dies. Snuffed out unable to be expressed.

Where do ideas come from? Do they originate in the brain or are they revelation from another SOURCE? Where do they go? Why do they flee so quickly when we are too busy to acknowledge them? Did someone else just have the EXACT same idea or are mine profoundly unique from anyone else…like a fingerprint?

I’m not sure I have any answers for the questions above. What I do know is that is this: We EXPRESS ourselves through our NERVE system. The thoughts generated in the brain establish themselves into ACTION in our movements, our words, our characteristics. OUR speed and grace of motion, skill in vocation, and talent are all outward expressions of our inner being. So our ability to EXPRESS ourselves is DIRECTLY proportional to how well our NERVOUS system is able to transmit.

I see it ALL the time in practice. A person’s spine is SUBLUXATED interfering with normal NERVE transmission. That person is in pain, can’t sleep, has headaches, backaches, liver-aches, colon-aches. The person EXPRESSES anger, tiredness, unproductiveness, and sickness. I ADJUST the offending vertebrae, NORMAL NERVE transmission resumes. Pain decreases, sleep increases, aches decrease. The person is MORE happy, alert, productive and healthy. EXPRESSION is a result of the NERVE system.

The person in the story was bound in a body by a coma from expressing a thought. YOU have the ABILITY to express in a multitude of ways: Words, song, dance, music, paint, clay, stone. ACTION. Don’t stifle your thoughts, have courage and EXPRESS them to their fullest. Don’t let them flee, or die without impacting the world. Chiropractic is concerned with people EXPRESSING their full potential. Have you unlocked yours? Have you even tried? Have you pushed yourself to your limit…only to find out that there is NONE?


-Dr. Charles Ward

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