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You might want to see a Chiropractor if...

Everyday, more people are starting to get the basic idea of chiropractic. We see more and more people for a few basic things such as headaches, neck pain or low back aches. Yet, I still see people on Facebook wondering what to do about those basic health issues and the general resounding response is-Go see a chiropractor.

So why do people go and see chiropractors? Generally, it's issues with their musculo-skeletal system or they have exhausted medical treatment for _____________. For the most part it is symptom care or "health" care as we know it in America. That's fine, as chiropractors we are pretty good at getting people feeling better quickly, safely and naturally. But what if there is more?

If you could feel better or function better, which would you choose? With Chiropractic you don't need to choose! The nerves that controll functions pass through the same opening between the vertebrae that houses the nerves that carry sensation signals!

You might want to go see a chiropractor if you're interested in feeling or functioning better, but who exactly does that involve? Anyone with stress in their lives, air in their lungs and a firing nervous system. Stress (physical, chemical or emotional) when it overwhelms the body causes the bones in the back to become locked into a less than ideal position known as a subluxation. Subluxations lead to a devastating cascade of effects on an individual's health and overall well being. (See the effects in the next blog.)

Chiropractic is the only profession that identifies and adjusts subluxations. That allows the body to heal and function properly. Much like taking a splinter out of your skin to allow it to start healing. So, should you go see a chiropractor? The answer is, "Yes!" But only if you want to feel and function the best way God designed you to!

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