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If you are interested in becoming a new patient of Brandon Chiropractic Health Center, please call ahead to schedule an appointment to make sure we set aside enough time for your first visit. To print off the intake forms, please click "Download New Patient Intake" to the right of the screen and bring the filled out forms to your first appointment. 


If you still have questions about chiropractic or are still apprehensive we would love to talk to you about how chiropractic can benefit you and your family. Give us a call or come in and meet with us. We would love to talk to you about what we can do for you.We would be honored to be your chiropractor!

Patient Resources


Frequently Asked Questions


Is chiropractic care safe?


Once I see a chiropractor, will I have to keep going for the rest of my life? 


Are there patients who are pain free that seek care?


People really go to chiropractors even if they don’t have pain?


I am pregnant, can I still see a chiropractor?


Can kids be adjusted?

Yes! Children should be checked by a chiropractor who specailizes in the care of newborns as soon after birth as possible. Misalignments may be detected right after birth and are typically the result of the birth process or abnormal fetal positioning. As a child develops neurologically to raise their head, roll, sit, crawl, stand, and walk, new stresses are introduced to their bodies which may lead to misalignments of the spine. Early correction of misalignments can profoundly impact the health, wellness, and development of your baby. Adjustments for children and babies are modified so that they are low force and gentle.We would love to be your childs chiropractor in Brandon, SD. Give us a call today at 605-582-6546 so we can bring natural health to your kiddos.


For more information please visit



What causes misalignments of the spine?


What causes the sound during adjustments?

Your choice of chiropractors in Brandon, SD!

Accepted Health Plans


​​- Blue Cross / Blue Shield

- Medicare

- Avera

- Sanford

- Medica

- United Health Care

- Aetna

- Medicaid

- Dakota Care


- Cigna

- United Medical Resources (UMR)

- Coventry

- Humana


-Many Others


-Call us if you have questions about if your care will be covered.

-Cash, Check and Card are always welcome.

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