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Our Vision


-Our vision at Brandon Chiropractic is to help all individuals reach their maximum potential in life through the utilization of chiropractic care and the adoption of a chiropractic lifestyle.


-We acknowledge and work with the understanding that God masterfully created your body with its own innate mechanisms for it to heal itself.


-We know that form and function are inseparably intertwined. With the specific correction of vertebral misalignments, we help the body to function to achieve an optimized state of being for the betterment of the individual, family, community, and potentially the world.


-We are chiropractors for the newborn to the geriatric, the professional athlete or family, and everyone else because chiropractic is too important not to be a part of your life.

Why kids need chiropractic care!

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Your choice of chiropractors in Brandon, SD!

As a patient, your care is our number one priority. Our team of doctors of chiropractic are here to help you receive quality chiropractic care. Our goal is to take care of you as though you are a part of our family. We want your to have THE best chiropractic care in Brandon, Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

Diagnostic Imaging

Brandon,SD Chiropractic Health Center

As a patient of Brandon Chiropractic Health Center, you are not required to get x-rays or additional imaging studies.


If your exam indicates that diagnostic imaging may be needed, we can take x-rays here at the clinic and read them for you that day.


If you've had outside imaging done, bring it in. We would love to take a look at it and go over the findings with you.We would like to be your chiropractor in Brandon, SD.

Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni

- Palmer is the trusted leader in Chiropractic Education

- Chiropractic was invented by Dr. D.D. Palmer in 1895.


- Explore non-invasive alternatives to you your healthcare.


-Palmer is to Chiropractic, what Sterling is to Silver.


-Check out the Palmer difference today!


-Three Palmer Doctors in one clinic. Your chiropractors in Brandon, SD.



Palmer Alumni, Brandon Chiropractic Health Center in Brandon,SD

Chiropractor in Brandon

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